Adult with anxiety
“Our sessions have helped me develop a completely different perspective, my life is no longer controlled by anxiety. I am so glad to have met you: I wish I had got this help years ago. You were so easy to talk to and I really appreciated how practical the strategies were. I have already recommended you to several other people. I will stay in touch. You are amazing!"

Adolescent with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum and a diagnosis of ADHD

"It is so easy to talk to you and you really listen. For the first time other people, like teachers, are listening too - it really helps having your recommendations for my school. Emotions are hard, but now I have a toolkit for identifying and managing my emotions. I look forward to our sessions and I am learning lots of new things about myself."

Parent of a child with separation anxiety

“Anne-Marie thank you! This is amazing and I’m so grateful. All great ideas and thank you so much for putting them together. I am very grateful 😀 your help has been phenomenal.”

Parent of a child with a recent diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum

“Hi Anne-Marie, This is really helpful. Thank you so much! We’ll start working our way through the resources. I have now registered as a member of the National Autistic Society to keep up to date on events / support groups etc. Really glad I spoke to you… there is light at the end of the tunnel … See you again soon.”

Parent of a child with social communication concerns

“Thank you so much … words can not describe how much you have helped me and I appreciate it so much. Sorry for getting upset earlier, but you are so helpful and kind. Thank you Anne-Marie”

Parent of a child with a phobia

“Hi Anne-Marie, I really appreciate the advice you gave me yesterday. A big thank you again, you have put a worried mummy at ease!!”